About Aster Volunteers

Aster Volunteers has a singular vision, to unite people from all walks of life in helping make the world a little better. Our initiatives through medical and non-medical aid, seek to impact the underserved sections of our society. This short but deeply fulfilling journey of 5 years has helped impact the lives of 3.5 million+ people and we are just getting started.

World Heart Day

As Cardiovascular Disease is accountable for almost half of all non-communicable diseases on a global level, World Heart Foundation created World Heart Day to fight that by creating awareness and measures about it. Cardiovascular disease (including heart disease and stroke) is the leading cause of death claiming 18.6 million people each year globally. In 2022, it has become particularly important to unite and stand together to understand the causes of CVD and help improve the heart health of individuals, families, and communities from all countries and backgrounds.

Heart-to-Heart Walks

Your 10,000 steps a day will heal a child’s heart forever. Walk with your friends and family to heal as many little hearts as you can.


10,000 Steps = 100 INR

28th September 2022 - 16th October 2022

Send your step count screenshot every day

  • aster.volunteers@asterdmhealthcare.com or
  • +971 56 539 8486

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